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Lower your energy bill with tinting

Save money for the things that are really important with commercial window tinting. We can help keep your interior temperatures more stable, allowing you to spend less on heating and air conditioning each month.

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Sunscape Window Films

celebrate everything we love about the sun, while creating a safe, energy-efficient environment that captivates as well as it protects.


Your family will enjoy cooler summers and warmer winters, along with the benefits of reduced glare and UV exposure, in a superior window film product that lasts for a lifetime.

Buildings with windows Living room and windows

Sunscape window films help alleviate sun-damaging effects, by blocking 99% or more of UV rays and rejecting up to 82% of the sun’s energy.


What's more, Sunscape enhances the look of any home, store or office, while providing energy-saving comfort in hot summers and cold winters.


Madico Window Films, Inc. is an industry leader specializing in the development and manufacturing of window films for cars, homes and commercial buildings. For more than 100 years, Madico products have been respected around the world. Learn more about Madico.


Eliminates More Than 99% of Harmful UV Rays

Natural, Non-Reflective Appearance

The Choice of Interior Designers Worldwide

We have taken the best of our popular, proven architectural products and enhanced our offering with new, innovative technology, to offer you the widest range of products to fit most any residential and commercial property need.



Designed to create a neutral appearance, Duralite provides excellent solar energy reduction while minimizing interior and exterior reflectance. Duralite’s unique construction provides durable performance in all environments.

Designer Grey


These films offer a crisp clear view, with a visible light range of medium to light shades. The natural hue offers a pleasant non-reflective appearance. A perfect alternative to conventional reflective window films while providing good solar energy reduction.x


A proven and popular window film, offering a natural soft earth tone for just the right natural appearance, while providing a hue of visible light that is warm and inviting. Offered in a medium to light range to achieve the perfect balance of natural light and shading.


Our custom series of window films offer a less reflective appearance on the inside, while providing outstanding benefits in solar energy and light control. Offered in dark to medium visible light ranges, these window films can meet many needs of the homeowner and commercial building owner alike.

Madico Advanced Ceramic


Using nano-particle technology, we’ve developed a product with a unique non-window film look. This film slightly darkens your windows – reducing heat and glare without having any kind of reflective appearance.



A very distinctive product created to be an extremely light window film that provides balanced solar performance while appearing extremely neutral on glass. Where soft light is the desired effect, this technologically-developed window film allows excellent solar protection while providing a very soothing view and appearance.

Solar Safety


Untreated glass can become a safety hazard if shattered. This product series provides excellent solar protection, and at the same time increases the safety of the glass in the manner of other Madico Clear safety/security films. Glass in the home, workplace, institution or school will benefit greatly from our solar safety product series.

Trusted by such world-renown landmarks as the Smithsonian and the Louvre, the Madico complete line of window films encompasses both automotive and architectural applications. Madico films offer an array of benefits that can improve the energy efficiency, comfort, and style of your home, office space, or automobile.


For more information about Madico, please visit the Madico website.

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